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Which treatment for endo no depressive side effects?!

Hi I was diagnosed with endo Dec following a lap consultant put me on cerazette which didn't agree with me and made me anxious depressed felt terrible on it.

I have a new appointment August with consultant as GP suggested the mirena. I've now read the reviews on this and this looks like depression can be side effect too!?

Is there any treatment that is likely like to have depression as a side effect.

How many people don't have treatment and leave endo see if it comes back?


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Hi Wendy, I am in the same boat as you. I was put on Levest. I took three SINGLE pills and spent 5 days in bed with suicidal thoughts and so stopped taking it, no surprise I am very anxious about trying anything else. I had my lap on 20th June and was diagnosed with stage 4. I was offered the Mirena coil but declined because of my worry about the depressive side effects. I am struggling to get through the day with the Endo pain but I have managed the last 2 years because I have kept good mental health and do not want to have that to cope with as well.

Did you have excision during your lap? Mine was purely diagnostic as too complex to do anything about there and then....


Hi no excision all new to this who had lap as they didn't think would find anything I had diathermy. I'm worried about taking anything hormone based too because of the effects, it's like catch 22 😥


Its so hard isnt it...there may well be a hormone treatment which suits us but its rolling the dice as to whether it triggers the unbearable depressive symptoms....I have changed my diet since my diagnosis which has definately helped. But i am ovulating now and spent the day in bed in agony, and so it continues. I hope you find something that works for you.


Yes I'll have to see what consultant says I can't face anything that causes me to be depressed since I've been off the pill I'll feel fine in myself, apart from bloody stomach pains two weeks of the month 😁😁


I am hoping to find out the same thing - I was on the pill - cilest - for 5 years without a problem. I stopped taking it 3 years ago -felt much better. Stopped smoking in Jan, diagnosed with stage 4 endo in April - I'm constant pain - put back on Cilest - endo pain gone - sadly full on MIGRAINE most of the time - this is a risk of stroke. Been on Northisterone for a week - want to crawl into a hole and never come out. Ever again. Want my work to fire me so I can just go home... The pain is back - the brain fog is full one - I can't really do my job - but what other job could I do? I'm really terrified of the idea of "hormone" treatment - I have thyroid issues and I was told I had so many other things wrong with me before endo was the answer... pill are confusing and I'm so tired...


Sorry to hear this I really hope you can find something, endo sucks😥


I can't take anything hormones too have severe side effects, I've taken 3 packets of cerazette and bleed for 5 weeks on it the other weeks I felt fantastic better than ever. I did have a few strange thoughts on it too which scared me. So im back to square now having pains worse than before the only thing that has been offered to me is prostop which I've not tried yet...... Can't bloody win can we girls 👊👊👊👊👊


No all a right pain, I'll see what consultant says. My. Mind was all over the place cerazette felt really irrational was scary! Shame as I had no pains at all when on it😬😬


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