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Lap 4th July

Hi, I had my (3rd) lap on Monday and am now at home recovering although I really don't feel great. Two years down the line people still don't understand about the condition, they all keep saying at least you will be better now, keep trying to explain this is an ongoing condition and hopefully this lap will have eased some of the pain. After the 3rd lap they have said I had severe endometriosis near to the left uterosacal ligament areally which they have removed. The gynae consultant says that I also am likely to have adenomysis? Excuse me for the spelling. Does anyone have this and experience? Xx

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Hi I've only had one lap in april but had endo removed from the uterosacral ligament and rectum not severe they were surface nodules very painful afterwards though and has made no difference to pain. I've seen the photos taken during op and the consultant says I have adenomyosis as my uterus looks swollen and sore and also had biopsies during that confirmed that I have adenomyosis. I get lots of bowel and bladder pains all month but slightly worse during period. Hysterectomy leaving ovaries was discussed straight after lap I am not sure at all what to do, tried back to back pill but it made me so teary and overemotional it was ridiculous going to be offered chemical menopause at next op but dont quite understand how that would help as have pain and bowel and bladder issues everyday doesn't hysterectomy when you have adenomyosis just make space and stop uterus pushing on stuff ??? or am I being stupid??

Know what you mean about the after lap people thinking you'll be 'better' it difficult explaining while trying to be positive :( This really isn't the most sociable of illnesses.

Hope you recovering from lap ok :) , what does your consultant recommend now for you ?


healthunlocked.com/endometr... I found this really helpful too :)


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