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Hpv virus

Hi I am 22, and had a smear at the request of my gynocologist that i have one every 6 months. I just had one and my results already came back and I'm being referred back the doctor said they will probably see me within 3 weeks because I have hpv virus and will have a colcoscopy. I had this in December and they removed cancerous cells. What could this mean now?

Thanks x

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Hi there,

I have been in this exact position, I am 23 and was told I also have hpv from the results of a smear test along with cancerous cells. I had these removed by loop and I am seen every 1-2 years to keep an eye on everything.

All that must have been about 3 years ago and I haven't had cancerous cells since. It's great that they are seeing you so regularly, and take comfort in that as they will find anything else that may occur in the future.

My advice is do not worry, like me you may find these cells don't return and you are being looked after. I hope this helps and good luck to you! X

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