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I'm new to this all

Hi. I'm 22 I've had endometriosis undiagnosed for 2 years after my son was born. It's on my bowel my bladder and growing on other places. I've recently just had surgery where I went in to have a apendecdomy and they found it all. I had endometriosis growing on my appendix. I have just two days ago seen my gyny doctor in hospital. He has put me on synarel and hrt. I will be having injections too. In a year my doctor said I'll be having surgery. I have just recently started my synarel nasal spray and it makes my mouth taste vile and make me feel sick! Food tastes horrible after! I want to know how some other ladies are coping.

I had to mentally prepare for myself to take the drugs and feel pretty silly that I feel so upset about this all. But I've been in pain for years and never really known why. I have a son already but I feel like I don't know what to think about this. Or process it. I have had tuns of miscarriages trying to have another baby. Myself and my husband didn't know why that was happening. After 4 years it's pretty clear for me that having another baby won't happen. As I haven't had any contraception for that time. I am hoping this hasn't caused infertility for myself. But I'm scared it has.

I hope some ladies can reach out and a friendly conversation with someone going through something similar or the same could help. Xx luci

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