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Has anyone tried to get pregnant in the throes of endo when it's not under control? I am thinking about this at mo as we have wanted a baby but stopped as I became unwell. We had been trying for a baby for 15 months when I got diagnosed with endo it was removed from my overuse but it's still in my pouch of Douglas I believe- to baby now or after the next inevitable lot of surgery_ thoughts or story's you have heard please...

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I don't have any advice really but if you feel now is the right time then keep on trying. As far as I know There is no harm in trying and it is very unpredictable so there is no way of knowing if pregnancy will be good or bad for the endo. As long as it's what you want to do and both you and your partner are aware it may be challenging then go for it. Sounds like you have had a hard enough time without feeling you have to put things on hold because of this disease.

Talk to your gynaecologist and see what advice they have for you.

Take care of yourself and wishing you all the very best for whatever you choose 💛💛



It might be worth checking out me recent post called success story...pregnancy. I had one lap 2 years ago then got very strongly messed around. My endo wasn't touched in the lap and my cysts came back with a vengeance. I was in near constant pain and very low. I got pregnant when I just switched myself off from it all. It can happen and does and I wish you all the best x


Hi I personally think you should go back to your GP or your gynecologist. I have been trying since July 2014 and I have endromestosis and have had a lap since and am currently going through fertility treatment. You don't want to delay going as endromestosis can mess up with your insides. If you don't mind me asking how old are you? I am just waiting for my ivf funding to be approved before we start that in the mean time I have had iui treatments which haven't worked x



You sound a lot like me! I've known since I was 24 (32 now) I had suspected endo but Drs said I was fine and to keep taking my pill. We started trying to conceive when I was 29 and no joy. 18 months later I was had my first lap. They found exstensive endo so March this year had another lap. I was in the op for 6hr and in hospital 3 days. Anyway I still have not managed to conceive however I am now pain free.

Back at the hospital tomorrow. I really hope that things work out for you :)

Donna x

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I had a lap where they removed a cyst and endo , I have it in my pouch of Douglas and they said it was too deep to remove so it was left! I stayed on the pill for 7 months then came off to try for a baby, it took 12 months but we got there in the end ! I took some supplements to which I felt helped. Good luck and don't give up xx

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