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At the end of my tether!!!!

Today I had an appointment with my pain specialist... What a complete waste of time!!! I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going back to see her.. Im jusy really fed up of everyone fobbing me off.. I've been diagnosed a year with endometriosis and I'm still getting treated the same even though they know what is wrong with me. I see my gp he sends me to see my pain specialist, I see the pain specialist and she sends me back to my gp!!!! It's just a complete waste of time and no one knows how to deal with my pain 😥they say my depression has to be dealt with first before they can do anything for my pain, but I must have had pain in the beginning to have depression!!! It's like banging my head against a brick wall!!😤😔

There has to be something someone can do because I can't live like this no more!! This past week has been horrendous due to my pain being so severe!!! Im literally at the end of my tether 😔

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Sorry to hear your story. Mines been similar but I've kept fighting GP and finally got referal to BSGE clinic - my successful way was to say we know I have endo and the pain is the worst bit and as the clinic I wanted to go to had a pain specialist I said I want to go there as they'll presumably know the most about endo pain. My GP had never heard of BSGE clinics so was happy to refer me on once I gave her the info

I am still waiting appt at clinic but only referred 2 weeks ago so can't complain (yet).

So id advise you to find your nearest clinic and get all the info you can and take that to your GP and say this is were I want to go next.

Good luck


Hi, I'm so sorry that you're having a crappy time right now. I too have had the worst month so far and can sympathise with you. Sending big hugs and kisses your way and hope you fell better soon :o)

I also have given up with the system. its looks like I am heading for my forth surgery in 5 years. Went to see a specialist at the Cardiff Endo centre (BSGE centre). I was encouraged by what she said to me but my jaw dropped when she said I had to wait 10 months for surgery! W[hen I asked why she said because I was a NEW patient, I not only had to wait 6 months as usual for the NHS but I also had to wait an additional 4 months per their rules because I am new to them....I mean seriously what a load of crap!! does the NHS do torture these days!! Not sure how I am going to get through it. My endo is fast acting and aggressive. I lost 8 work days this month and it gets worse as the weeks go by. Probably by November I will be on long term sick and bed ridden...maybe i'll be dead by the time surgery in March 2017 come around (one can only hope :o( sorry to be so morbid, just having a moment. I noticed that you are near to me if you would like to meet up for a chat, just message me....would love to have a friend right now :o)


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