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Adenomyosis at the end of my tether.


Hi everyone I got diagnosed through internal scan with adenomyosis 3 years ago I had the pain for around ten years with my periods but then started getting the pains everyday all day tried the marina coil which made it worse had that taken out after a month, I now live my life around painkillers and I'm either drugged up or in pain, my gyne isn't offering a hysterectomy only esmya which I have refused, does anyone think if I ask will they refare me for a hysterectomy that's what I want right now I just want to cry I can't drive and don't have a life, I need help please.

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Hi Bubblepoppy,

I am sorry to hear you aren't getting the support you need. Did the gynaecologist explain why they didn't think hysterectomy was an option? Is it also worth asking for a second opinion from a different consultant?

If you feel like you need someone to talk to for some additional support, we do also have a telephone helpline which is staffed by volunteers. You can find the opening times here:

Best wishes,


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Thanks for your reply I am seeing the gynecologist tomorrow so I will ask why they aren't offering me a hysterectomy, I have had two children via C-section do you think that could be the reason, I have no idea what to ask now just need advice and want it out of me, the pains are horrendous I feel like all I do is sit on the sofa and moan, I don't have time for all this as I look after my disabled son and elderly parents, I can't even help myself I feel like I have put everything on my partner and he has his own elderly dad to look after, he says he doesn't mind but I do, it's a strain on us all, thanks and sorry for moaning.

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Don't feel bad for moaning - we are here to listen!

I'm glad you are seeing the gynaecologist tomorrow and hopefully you will get some answers. Let us know how your appointment goes.

Thanks i will.

So just an update from today, I mentioned to my Dr this morning about my concerns about ESMYA and he said be strong and ask for the surgery option, so I went in to see gynecologist this afternoon and told her what my Dr said and she just said ok, I'm really happy there's an end game she's referred me for a hysterectomy woohoo I still need to get approval from the hospital gyne but if I just say the same I recon they will give me it, I've no idea about the time frame but it's coming, I'll finally be free of painkillers and have a life after the op 🤞🤞thanks again for letting me moan.

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