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Does Uterus stuck to bladder affect pregnancy

Hey ladies.

I have just been through ivf and I am 6 weeks pregnant. 😀😀The other night I woke up bursting for the toilet and when I went to pee it was so sore but had some bleeding which I thought was start of miscarriage. It had stopped by morning but my clinic gave me an early scan and said everything was fine. I'm just wondering if the fact my bladder is stuck to uterus with endo it maybe stretched something as my bladder was so full and also if anyone has experience with this in pregnancy. Just don't know how there will be room for baby to grow when things are all stuck together.

Any experience would be appreciated.

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Hi, firstly congratulations!!!!

My bladder And uterus are stuck and in the early stages I'd say it was slightly uncomfortable when I had a full bladder. I didn't have any blood though. I'm 21 weeks now and when I'm bursting sometimes the urine only trickles out. It's just frustrating but not painful now. Doctors have said a section is ok but to be done by a specialist to make sure the bladder is well and truly out the way. Other than that the endo hasn't caused a problem :-)

Good luck with everything x


Hi Brottonbabe.

Thanks for your reply. That's exactly how I am if my bladder is too full - it trickles out but the other night I think I forced it out too much. Are you getting a section because things are stuck together or is this just plans incase you need one.?? I'm still really early and got a fright at the blood so trying not to get too excited but stay positive. Good luck in the rest of your pregnancy. Bet you can't wait to meet your wee bundle. Xx


Morning, yes I can't wait and I'm wishing the summer away to get to November! They say a natural birth is for the best and that's my preference anyway. An emergency section won't be an issue but will need to be handled well. I'd suggest taking every day as it comes and enjoying every moment. It's fantastic news and a great sign that your body can hold onto a pregnancy. It's horrendously worrying, especially if you didn't think it'd happen (I didn't) but each day is a huge step forward. There's so much going on in there make sure you give yourself time out when you need it. pregnancy has cleared up my issues temporarily so over time you should see an improvement in your body x


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