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Shooting Pain

Hello Ladies!

Does anybody tend to experience shooting pain on either side of their ovaries? I have two endometriomas on my left ovary and will find that they will generally (usually around the time I should be ovulating) give me sudden shooting pains, to the extent that sometimes it even goes down my thigh.. it's so painful and it's so awkward being at work folded in two suddenly because of the sudden shock of pain . . . I'm very worried about what this might mean fertility wise as one of my biggest fears is not being able to conceive . . the lady who scanned me last time said that with endometriosis it's generally best to start trying sooner rather than later, however when I then went to see my doctor it's as if there's nothing to the condition and that it doesn't pose a threat . . . any advice?

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Hi I get shooting pains pelvis area and even down my leg. I haven't found anything eases them - I just dose up and lie down with a hot water bottle. Mine don't tend to last for too long. Hope you find something to help you


Hi, I can definitely relate to this pain. I'm also familiar with doctors completely under-reacting to endo. I was diagnosed last year at 21 and was so so scared but my doctor was behaving as though I had a cold or something really minor! They don't seem to understand that this is our lives and we have been told we have an incurable condition!!

Hope you're doing ok.

K. X


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