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Anyone had a similar experience?

I had a chocolate cyst removed from ovary two years ago. I was never told that it was endometriosis and assumed it was a one off. I started having pain about 9 months ago in my other ovary - really sharp! Ultrasound didn't really reveal anything except it was very close to my uterus. I have an appointment with my previous surgeon in about 3 weeks.

A week ago I started getting horrendous abdominal cramps which last a few minutes and then subside. It repeats a few times after that. I've had similar before and was diagnosed years ago with IBS. I started taking mebeverine which usually does the trick within 24 hours. Not this time! The cramping has not stopped all week. Its dead centre in my lower stomach. It goes right into my bottom. I was sent to hospital by my GP yesterday and they did a scan/blood tests but didn't find anything. Its honestly the worst cramp I've ever had. I haven't had any typical IBS symptoms (I normally get diarrhea) but when I do get the cramp I get (pardon the too much info) but terrible flatulance. It actually gives some relief.

When I had my surgery for the cyst it was followed by a colonoscopy because I was having rectal bleeding during my period. I was convinced I had endo in my bowel but they couldn't find anything.

I now don't know if this is related to endo, IBS or something else. The pain is really getting my down as I feel trapped to my home. Just wondered if anyone had something similar and if they had anything which helped.

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If you had a chocolate cyst, also known as an endometrioma, then you have endometriosis and I'm surprised you weren't given this diagnosis at the time of your previous surgery. It might be best to go to speak to your GP again to ask for some painkillers while you wait for your appointment with your Consultant. Is your consultant at a BSGE centre? X


He is. In fact he is one of the best in the country so I am surprised I wasn't more informed. It wasn't until I saw my GP and she said my endometriosis may have come back that I realised that this is a condition rather than a one off.

I saw my GP again today and she has started me on codeine and if they are not working then I'm going to try tramadol. Hospital appointment on the 14th so just counting down the days!


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