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Private health insurance

Hi I'm very scared because last week I went to a private doctor (self funded) to get some answers. I did this because for years I feel the NHS has let me down and told me that I should just deal with the pain.

Within minutes (after consulting my notes etc) the private doctor told me he his 95% sure I have endometriosis.

He's suggested that I have a laproscopy but because of how myself and family members have been treated by the NHS before I want to go private. My question is that I don't have private healthcare at the moment does anyone who if I can get insurance now? Or is it not possible because of the pre-existing healthcare clause?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi there, I'm a financial advisor, so may be of some help. Most companies will do a medical before offering you terms. So, they will pick up your existing health problems and most likely exclude any pre existing conditions. However, there could be some less well known companies which can offer insurance for a higher premium but include your pre existing condition. It may be worth looking in to speaking to a local financial advisor, especially if they offer a free no obligation first meeting. They may be able to complete some quotes for you, or point you in the right direction to put the cover in place yourself.

I hope this helps - do let me know if you have any other queries PMI

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You won't get private insurance now because it is a pre-existing. I have private insurance and because I had investigation within 2 years I am not covered. However its worth paying for the tests and investigations (if you can afford it) because this will usually get you near the top of the list to have the procedure. Plus its usually the same consultant at the private hospital to the NHS. Good luck!


Don't do it... I paid nearly 4 grand of my own money to go private. Surgeon was just a general gyn so should not have suggested she do it. They found minimal endo and told me it was unlikely to come back.two months later I am back to square one and going to see a speacilist at guys hospital in London in a dedicated endo hospital.

Good luck


The most important thing is that the lap is thorough. Have a look at my post on the diagnostic lap and be sure to confirm they will look in all the places they are required to and that they will do a rectovaginal examination to check for 'nodules' that don't show at a lap. Unless you are a virgin in which case it would be inappropriate.


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