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My Endo Story

Hello I'm new here! I'm 28 and actually I'm from Philippines. I found these community to be very helpful with regards of my condition. I just wanted to share my Endo journey. I was 19 when I started to have a very painful period cramps! I would vomit and I couldn't even move for at least 2 days and after period I feel better again. I consider those pain as Dysmenorrhea which they said is quite normal to some girls. At 24 I went to have my first checked with an Obgynae because my pain is getting worst. I did ultrasound, discharge checked and urine test and everything turn out to be normal. My OB said my pain is simply ovulation because that can create discomfort while it release the egg. I had constant spotting and headaches and losing appetite, I get full even I ate so little and bloated too. I crave sweets all the time as I fear to be diabetic I did blood test and the result was I had less sugar and anemic, so I took iron supplements. I went to several OB to have another findings cause I don't believe it is just Ovulation but the results are the same. So I stop going to the doctor and just cried myself every time my period comes and dealt with it. The pain goes unbearable that I turn pale and heavy periods along with diarrhea and vomiting! My period is always irregular that I mistook I am pregnant especially my belly got bigger and hard.

The pain woke me up one day its around my pelvic area, and I told my husband to bring me to the nearest hospital right then, cause I feel like dying. Around 11pm the Doctors removed three large cyst from my left and right ovaries. She said that my intestines are attached to each other and she cannot separate them for I will bleed a lot. She then told me that I have endometriosis and this disease can also cause infertility which I am very afraid right now. After a month she gave me a shot of depo to stop my period but it made me feel dizzy and tired and heavy spotting. I told her my complain then she suggested that I should use contraceptive pills. I did so many research about my condition and thinking to get another opinion. I wanted to get pregnant so soon before it can get worst. I went to a new OB and did ultrasound again, we found out I have new cyst growing in my right ovary and its really depressing cause it come back after a year. She prescribe me Visanne pill to dissolve my cyst and Im on my last tab right now. Taking it for four months. So far I don't have pain in my pelvic maybe just a little bit of discomfort and my acne heals itself. I still have headaches everyday and falling hair everywhere! My Ob told me not to eat chicken or any meat cause meat has added hormones which can worsen my Endo. Im still eating it really cause I love chicken I hope it's not true! I will have my next follow ups check up next month and hopefully get pregnant this year, so frustrating! Is anyone has a facts about meat hormones?Is is true? I hope you could share..thank you!

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