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Endo update

Haven't posted in ages, so recap this time last year found out I had endo only minor. July had a lap operation with a hysteroscopy. In September I was put on zoladex for 6 month (2 time injections). In Jan I had a ultra sound scan as the injections wasn't working and scan showed could i had fluid in womb again. Gynae couldn't understand why the zoladex didn't work?! Only thing that did work was that the pain vanished. So he booked me in for another operation to look inside I've Just had second hysteroscopy today NO LAP and marina coil fitted. Gynae didn't come to see me after op and wasn't given any notes so I've got to wait 6 week for a catch up with him. Getting extremely fed up no one is giving me answers to why my body is like it is! So frustrating anyone else in same position?

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Is this a BSGE Centre? Is he an Endo Specialist, or just a general Gynae?

You need to see an 'Endo Specialist Gynae' at a BSGE Centre.

Search on here for links to BSGE Clinics, or for posts by Lindle, who knows everything there is to know about Endo.

Hope this helps.


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