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op soon and scared

hi all I have had a operation in 2011 and not had any major endo related symptoms since as been on two cerezette a day and no bleeding since. I have had major problems with my bowel over the last few months since april I was on 6 laxatives a day from april till recently I was in agony and could only go when I was literally stretched out on toilet and been pushed for a laproscopic ablation and to look in bladder and around bowel I'm worried as the gp was wandering if I had adhesions that was causing the bowel to be stuck to something am a bit worried as the symptoms have been so bad worried what they might find also I have fibromyalgia and I didn't have it in 2011 so I feel pain a lot more and it has affected my mobility and my whole body is super sensitive to pain so has anyone had any of this and can I ask for a hysterectomy and would it help I cant have anymore natural children will they let me at 29 also is it the best thing to do will it help it not come back again sorry for all the questions

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