Sorry crude but Something just fell out of me, help?

Sorry not the most please note but please can anyone let me know if this has happened to them. I was stood up, had a bad cramp and then felt a warm something come out of my vagina ! When i looked It was a mass, that looked almost skin like, with nodules on. I went to a & e and they have sent it off to histology. Has this ever happened to anyone?? Xx

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  • Could you possibly have been pregnant? I had a miscarriage where I passed something very similar to that.

  • No not pregnant, I haven't had sex because get terrible pain from my endo xx

  • Are you on the progesterone only pill? If you Google decidual cast images, did it look like that?

  • No I am on a low oestrogen pill, was def not a decidual cast, I am completely puzzled xx thank you hun xx

  • Hi you don't need to be on any hormonal treatment to have a decidual cast.

    I had one a couple of years ago ,without any hormonal treatment. Scared the hell out of me until I heard that it can happen sometimes.

    Please try not to worry, if it was anything serious they would have said .

  • I have had this several times before, and like you was a little concerned. I had myself, and the strange mass looked at by the Dr, and was told it is the lining of my uterus. When you have your period, your body breaks the lining down and it comes out as mini clots like normal. Sometimes your body expels it as a whole. Not a nice surprise to find! Hope this puts your mind at ease a little :)

  • Hi, where were you in your cycle? I get this every single month during my period, I have done for over 10 years. It sometimes looks like a massive blood clot but (sorry to be gross) if I were to move it around it looks like flesh. The first time it happened I thought it may be a miscarriage but now it happens to me so often I expect it. Like you say I can feel something come out, it's horrid.

  • Hi Ladies, Histology results back and it was a decidual cast, although not as graphic as the images I seen on Google xx

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