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I ended up in A&E yesterday with pain and the consultant there has told me to stop the decapeptyl and livial because it obviously isn't working and has given me norethistrone to try instead in an attempt to stop the bleeding. They also gave me tramadol as codeine and mefenamic acid weren't enough.

Has anyone had the norethisterone and what were your experiences of it? (will it work?). I started taking it yesterday and so far I am still bleeding and if anything it is getting worse. ARGH.

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I am on noriday and have been for 3 and a half months. The first 2 months it really helped reduce the pain and when I saw my gynae I told him it was working well........third month in and I had 3 periods in 1 month which has brought about fatigue and now the stabbing pain in my rectum is back with excruciating bowel movement. I am now trying to see if I can change it but have to wait for gynae to get back to me!

But with all things, everyone is different. Let me know how you get on x

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thanks, he did say he couldn't guarantee it would work, they are just trying to buy me some time while I wait for my referral to a bgce centre. The decapeptyl only worked for about 6 weeks and then my periods came back :/ so much for chemical menopause!

This disease really does suck


I've only taken Norethisterone once and that was before my period was due, in order to stop me from coming on, so I haven't any personal experience of taking it to stop active bleeding unfortunately. It did however stop my period for two weeks which was a godsend (I took 3 tablets a day).

I do remember my doctor saying that it needs at least 3 days to kick in, so maybe the same applies to your situation?

I'm crossing my fingers for you that hopefully it will kick in and start to provide you some relief soon. xx

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