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It's all starting again

It's been a while since I've been on here as luckily for a year after my last laparoscopy in Feb 2015 showed that they couldn't find any endometriosis after finding some in a previous op. So I stopped my prostate injections and my HRT, had the coil fitted and strangely it all seem to disappear and I was pain free for a year but almost a year to the date it all started again in February this year. It started a little at first so I decided to monitor it to see when the pains came. It turned out to be cyclic, getting worse every month until this last month when the pain has often been unbearable. I am back on the naproxen and the tramadol and sit virtually every night with hot water bottles on my stomach and back. I have also been getting very bloated and a few days ago I couldn't press on my stomach, a friend of mine was convinced I had IBS although I do know that endo can affect your bowels. My worry this time though and what I am looking for support with is bleeding. I have always been someone who has had very light periods and from about January I didn't have any bleeding but this month I have and the vengeance. I have had some flooding which I have never had before and I have been bleeding heavily now for almost two weeks. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this? I have been back to the dr's last week who has sent an urgent referral back to the hospital so I am waiting to hear back from them but at the moment I am just panicking about the bleeding but this is very abnormal for me.

Any help, advice or tips would be greatly received.

Many thanks


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If I was you I would ask your gp to refer you to a bsge specialist centre, if you have been diagnosed with endo, it's very possible that the consultant has missed some. Or its come back now,

Good luck


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