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Hi ladies

Not posted for while, thought I would update after my visit to my consultant. Well my surgery; lap was in December and last week I was seen by my consultant. She sat there telling me she could do a hysterectomy and then continued to tell me she wanted to continue the zoledex. I told her I still had pain and was still having periods. She informed me I shouldn't be experiencing pain. I asked what they found after my lap? My consultant stated she would check. After finding my notes on computer I was told it was throughout my abdo and was stage 4. My consultant then stated she could not offer me treatment I would need to be refered to a Specilist. Finally, so I'm waiting for my referral to Arrow Hospital in the Wiral. Let's see if my treatment improves because so far I feel I've been fobbed off. The lesson here ladies is ask ask ask, I could ove just gone for surgery which would of been inappropriate. Let's wait and see what the future holds. Hope your all well.xx

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That's terrible, these doctors really do need to be looked at by the authorities, a hysterectomy is a big deal and to just offer you one when she hasn't even checked your notes properly is awful, but at least you will be seen at a bsge specialist centre now,. Xxx


Do you mean stage 4 cancer sweety?


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