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Im 26 years old and living in essex. I've had a stupid amount of smears and blood work done over the years. I also had a transvaginal scan done. This showed that one ovary was a 8 and the other was a 12 so one was slightly enlarged.

The gyno said that I probably have "a touch of endo". Unfortunately every time I've had a lap booked life has got in the way. Also was put off by the surgeons manner and the way he thought it was a completely non big deal. I have another condition which increases pain and recovery time so I'm sure any normal person could understand my concern.

I went to my gp yesterday to try and get another referral for a laparoscopy but at one of the hospitals that are recommended on here as being able to do deep endo. She was basically shouting at me that its a waste of resources if its not even confirmed that i have it and reduced me to tears.

I went to her because i have had to come off of the pill after 2 years of constant bleeding. That ny periods without the pill are fiving me backache so bad I'm throwing up and now my husband of 7 years has said that he feels too stressed having sex with me in case he hurts me. And i get shouted at asking for help.

I'm just venting but its so horrible being treated like that and still not being sent to the hospital I want to go to!

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Dont give up and never back down when it comes to your health.

Time for a new gp and dont hesitate to get that referral to a specialist endo centre.

That gp is not on your christmas list and you have no loyalty to them whatsoever.

You come first and if not for you,they wld be out of a job.

Your fertility is important and its your right to protect that.

There is something going on with the ovary and you need a lap done.it makes perfect sense to have one lap only and done in the right place.

It all sounds like endo.

Dont allow yourself to be treated this way.

Take back that control that gp took from you and put it to use getting that referral.

Kind regards


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File a complaint with the practice manager and find a new GP. I cannot believe she shouted at you! If you are in England, you have the right under NHS choices to choose which consultant you want to be referred to. They cannot refuse you. My GP tried to do the same and I didn't back down as I knew my rights. He referred me in the end (saying "They might not accept you") and I saw my fabulous consultant four weeks later. Don't back down, you need serious help. BSGEs will take cases of suspected endometriosis as well.

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