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Just after some advice please,

I'm 39 & Had lavh with bso 7 months ago & full exicision of endo by bsge surgeon, tried taking hrt 3 mths after op & endo pain came back within days, consultant said can't take hrt anymore, am really suffering with hot flushes & my fan is my best friend lol!, also have low moods, my gp has prescribed me 30mg citralopam as can help reduce flushes but not getting any relief any suggestions on ways I can cope with this? Many thanks X

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Hi it sounds like you've had some endo missed. I might be good to get a second opinion from a different BSGE consultant and maybe a lap to excise what was missed.


Sorry to hear you are suffering. Try Menopace which is basically herbal HRT and you can buy from Boots or Holland & Barrett. Helped my hot flushes after hysterectomy & BSO. Also I've tried acupuncture for all symptoms and I think it's helping but only had a couple of sessions so think I need to try for longer

BTW - I am on HRT and I think endo come back as pain so bad but consultant (who is endo specialist) tells me I need HRT as so young (45) and need it for bone strength and heart health. Has yours suggested what you can do to help those? I'd like to try coming off HRT to see if pain reduces but not sure.


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