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How long do I need to keep dressings on???!!

Hi everyone I'm day 10 post op from a laparoscopy I was told I could change my dressings on day 7 which I've done but I wasn't told how long I have to keep dressings on for can anyone give me some advice?? I'm just worried that my clothes are guna catch on the stitches in the crease under my belly and irritate the stitches

Emmajane xx

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Hi Emmajane,

I kept mine on until the stitches came out as the incision was right where the line of my underwear sat! I think this was about 2 weeks. I just kept checking and changing the dressing regularly.

Hope this helps

Lou x

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Hi Emmajane - as Lou mentioned above, a lot will depend on where your incision sites are. You'll most likely have one in your belly button which might cause you issues without a dressing on when it comes to the waistband on clothes as this is the spot they tend to sit (at least on a shorty like me!). The advice given to me was to keep the first lot on for 3 days, then change them and see how I got on. I chose to replace mine because of the belly button issue mentioned above, but also because I was a bit squeamish about accidently catching/snagging them. As long as you're keeping the area clean and letting air get to them whenever you can, I would say it's personal choice. However if you notice any changes to your incision sites (i.e. they become red and inflamed, hot to the touch, ooze pus, bleed and/or become swollen) please visit your GP asap, as these are all signs of infection.

L xx

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