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Annoyed but have better news

ok hi all, I've wrote a few times about my frustration of the gyne refusing to do a lap because of my age and the fact its not a cure. Sooo fast forward to today met another consultant and he has got me in for a lap for sometime within the next 6 weeks!!! 😄 I'm happy, but something interesting he went through my mountain of notes and found a letter actually diagnosing me for endometriosis FIVE years ago!! Five years no one told me, and bare in mind I've been at the doctors and sent to a n e so many times in the last five years and not one bugger mentioned endometriosis until I found out late last year my mum had Endo and I didn't know!!! So I'm happy someone's going to actually take me seriously but so annoyed that I didn't know this info and it goes to show that the doctors don't even look at a history or listen to their patients!!

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Oh god that is scary 5 years with it...

So glad you are in for the lap so it does not get any worse.

Fingers crossed you will have a good recovery and they will be able to get it all

Rose xx


Wow, I would certainly be making an official complaint!

I myself am having to do just that, due to the consultant (at the time which was 3 and half yrs ago) forgetting to treat a condition he disovered in surgery for removal of my gall ladder organ. for 6mths it took me being a nussance in requesting appointment after appointment for me to see a 4th doctor and have him tell me "oh, miss... I've looked over your notes and you should've been treated after your surgery with medication for a condition we've found" (which means the 3 previous doctors I'd seen hadnt bothered to look at my notes) now 3 an half yrs on I'm still suffering from that condition as its not getting better ( which its supposed to do. And it now looks like permanent damage has been done and i have to live with this for the rest of my life) So I demanded to have my care taken over by a completely different hospital team as this is just unacceptable

So I totally understand how it makes you feel. It's an extreme let down by the proffessional people your supposed be able to trust with your care.

I hope your lap procedure goes as well hunny, when you do eventually have it done! Its sounds like you've finally got a decent gynae that u deserve and that really can make all the difference.:)

You've been treated so so disgustingly please seek advise on how to make an official complaint because they'll never learn from their mistakes unless their shown how their duty of care is unacceptable.

I Wish u lots of luck! Let us knw how it all goes! :)


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