So fed up with Endo not allowing me to eat solid foods😡

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say I have been suffering from endo since 2009 and since then I have been having problems with eating solid foods. I'm on a GlutenFree, DairyFree, SoyaFree, Red Meat free diet. Since 2009 I have spent most my time having a liquid meal and it's beginning to take its toll on me. I'm getting so angry and annoyed with this stupid endo and adhesions ruining my life and stopping me from living my life and enjoying it with my family. As soon as I eat anything solid I'm in agony. I just want to enjoy one meal, is that too much to ask.

Anyone else suffering pain when eating solid foods? If yes can you tell me how you deal with it please as I'm struggling. I just want to cry. I have endo inside my bladder and adhesions wrapped around my bowels, and on both my ovaries, not sure if I have adhesions inside my bladder too, I will be having a MRI scan soon and then getting the results in August, I will find out then what kind of operation the surgeon will do on me. This will be my 6th operation and I'm still very terrified of having operation.


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  • hi sweety,

    sorry you're having such a hard time. Who advised you to change the way you eat so dramatically? Couldn't they advise you further?

    if constipation is an issue, I would recommend taking a probiotic daily, cutting out caffeine and having a step in front of the loo to raise your feet.

    sorry I can't be of more help x

  • Hi Urgley,

    I suffer from celiac disease as well as endo so I have to eat GlutenFree and DairyFree soyafree foods, but even that is starting to cause me problems, I have cut down on sugar and caffeine.

    I'm seeing a dietitian and she has prescribed me meal replacement drinks, and am getting fed up of drinking those now.

    Thank you trying to help me. I'm guessing my only option is to have an operation to remove endo and adhesions but I don't know when that will be.


  • Hi there,

    I am unsure why you can eat a solid meal, but I can tell you there is hope.

    I am on a dairy-free, gluten free diet. I have red meat but not as often as I used to. I now have chicken and fish and vegetarian. That said I probably have red meat 1-2 times a week.

    If you need help with menus or recipes I have plenty I can send you. I still eat bread, I have yoghurt, milk etc because I use goat products - they are NOT dairy.

    BUT, because I follow the advice of Dr Lara Briden - a world leading Naturopath doctor for Period Health, I ALSO use supplements of Zinc, Selenium, Tumeric, Berberine, Iodine and the big 2 for all women, Magnesium and Vitamin B.

    I have only followed this diet for about 9 weeks now, but have had great improvements.

    You could buy her book - The Period Repair Manual, I honestly think it is such an informative book on what a period should and shouldn't be, and loads more besides, that every woman on the planet should own it! It is so helpful, even for me who has looked into health for a long time.

    I am wondering what you are eating that is making you so sore and would be keen to help. Lara also has her own websites and facebook where EVERY day she answers questions from people.

    She has successfully treated thousands of women with endo, I suggest you look her up on the net.

    My diet also is very toxin low - organic fruit and vege most of the time, and high welfare, grass fed beef, free range chicken etc.

    Really hoping for you to try some things that can make your 'diet' as good as mine and not have pain.

    All the best,


  • P.S. The no dairy, does not apply to organic butter, ricotta cheese or heavy cream. These are very low in casein so are not avoided on the diet.

  • I also forgot to say - The diet I am on has no sugar.

  • Hi Lisa, thank you replying back to me.

    I'm on a GlutenFree DairyFree soyafree free due to being diagnosed with celiac disease as well as endo. When I eat any of foods my bowels really hurt. Does that happen with you?

    I usually make homemade soups but am getting fed up with it. I'm struggling everyday with food.


  • That doesn't happen to me, BUT please go on Facebook, look up Larabriden hormone blog and ask her for some advice. If you are still on sugar this could be a big factor. But please do ask her, she is very helpful.

    And then if you want help with that diet and recipes let me know.

    I am keen to know how you get on.


  • Hi Lisa,

    Thank you so much for your help, I'll go on Facebook and have a look.



  • hey!

    when I was first going through finding out what was wrong with me I was told I am intolerant to pretty much every food group. I then found out I have endo. my diet had to change drastically. Gluten, wheat and yeast free; dairy free; sugar free and even certain fruits and vegetables. It was really difficult to do but I did it solid for a while and I can now eat normally. I do struggle some days and try to eat a bit more cleanly but otherwise it did get better.

    Stick with it! you'll get there!

  • Hi,

    It really is a struggle having endo, I'm starting to get hot flashes and cold chills now and I don't even know what is causing it. I can't sleep at night. I'm struggling everyday now and it's getting worse. It's making me feel very depressed. I really miss eating solid food😢


  • Hi again,

    Not to be condescending, but do you avoid oats and rye? I only recently learnt these have gluten too.

  • Hi, yes I avoid oats and rye. I'm hardly eating much only a few bites.


  • I have similar problems when eating solid foods, I get a lot of pain too. I have been taken Colperim IBS tablets, I haven't been diagnosed yet but very likely to have endo.. these tablets don't work completely for myself, but ease the pain off a little bit. not sure if they will be ideal for yourself. Hope you find a resolution soon x

  • Hi Niomijane,

    Yes I've tried those tablets you mentioned and they don't help me either. I'm currently on morphine patch which aren't helping at the moment but need to give it time to see if they work.


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