Looking for help after having depo injection

Hello ladies just wondering if anyone can help me... I had my 3rd depo injection today the other two I've had no problems, since having my 3rd one today at lunchtime my right side/leg is absolute agony I can't sit/lie down properly because of the pain, if I try and move to get comfortable the pain is excruciating and shoots straight down my leg. I have noticed a bigger bruise to my bottom this time and that it is slightly swollen, can anyone tell me if this is normal or if I should be concerned at all. Thank you xx

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  • Hi it sounds like they've caught the sciatic nerve. It may well settle down on its own but it wouldn't hurt to get it checked out. You could either call your surgery if they have an out of hours number or nhs direct and they can advise you.

    It's not nice I know. I've just found out I have 3 herniated discs at the bottom of my spine seriously compromising the nerves, so know how painful it is.

  • Thank you for your reply jean, I've never had any problems before I had to get 3 people to help me off the sofa and into bed in which now the pain is even worse I keep sobbing trying to move even the tiniest amount :( do you think this is normal?

  • No it's definitely not normal. I had the depot injection for three years and never had that at all.

  • Hi jean, I attended my local urgent care centre today as the pain is unbearable, they said that I was injected in the wrong place & that I have been injected straight through my sciatic nerve 😔

  • I thought so. Did they give you anything for the pain?

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