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Prostap injections


I have just been to visit my consultant and she decided to start me on Prostap injections after trying and failing with neumerous pills a laparoscope with removal of endo in the past. She has touched upon this treatment in the past but I never thought I would need it (think I was just wishful thinking!) She has given me my first one today and I am just wondering if anyone could give me some advise on what to expect and success rates ect. As i panicked as soon as she started speaking about it and can't remember anything from the consultation! (Ammiture mistake I know! haha) I am 20 and the thought of being in a medical menopause for a few months is now worrying me! Many thanks x

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Hi - are you in the UK because prostap shouldn't be given to women under the age of 23 as your bone density will not have reached its maximum density. I assume (hope) she intended giving you what is called add back therapy to protect your bones (usually livial) but still you shouldn't be given it. As you will know it can only be given for a limited time and is simply postponing further treatment down the line. What was found and done at the lap you had and how long ago was it. Are you in the UK? And what are your symptoms?



I have not had the pleasure of having these type of drugs yet,but i can give you some old fashioned advice.

At 42,if offered that type of drug my answer wld be no.

Given your age,if i was not sure about the drug i would get a second opinion and look at my options very carefully.

Short term as lindle said,there is a reason this is happening and you must get to the bottom of it with an endo specialist.

Long term the goal is to protect your bones and fertility for as long as is possible at your age.

Kind regards



If you are not under a specialist at a bsge centre please go back to gp and request a refferal. As Lindle saud it should be given at your age and is only ever a temporary measure, in my opinion one gynes give out to freely and for the wrong reasons, please get your self to a specialist, and gave a thorough excision job, good luck, xxx


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