Urine infection/bladder endo

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with endometriosis last year I had this removed (not in a bsge centre) I have endo on my bladder this didn't get removed due to the skill of the surgeon. I'm currently waiting for a referral to a urologist/gyne. I'm wondering if the ladies with endo on their bladders get uti's frequently? Last week I couldn't sleep, couldn't urinate but needed too i had an exam the next day so I'm thinking maybe it was stress related aswell. I did a urine sample and the results were clear. The dr gave me antibiotics which worked straightaway but she thinks this may be the endo and I will have to deal with it. The following night I was up throwing up so I thought this is definitely a uti. I've now finished the course of antibiotics but still feel some pain. I've always urinated frequently and wake up to 7 times in the night. Does anyone else have any similar symptoms and what have the Drs done for you? Xx

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Hello. I have endo around my left ureter which has blocked it. This is yet to be removed. I also had adhesions which were dealt with during my lap in February. I had my ureteral stent out last week as had symptoms of UTI. This week I have pain with a full bladder. Not sure if it's UTI or adhesion related. I have gynae and urology appts coming up so will hopefully find out.

I would just keep getting your urine tested and hopefully you won't have to wait long for your urology review.

Look up Interstitial Cystitis otherwise known as painful bladder syndrome. I have IC as well as endo on my bladder. IC is usually diagnosed by cystoscopy with bladder distension. If u have endo u are at a higher risk of having IC.

Thank you, what treatment do you receive once diagnosed?

I am on daily meds. Mixture of bladder meds and some to help sleep. IC is a chronic condition its manageable but not curable. The meds help but I do have to have monthly bladder installations of a drug called cystitat -its not nice as its injected into the bladder via a catheter, the 10 mins of discomfort are worth it. I was at the end if my tether before it was diagnosed, wasted months trying different meds which worked for a few months and then stopped. Don't be fobbed off with the UTI excuse, that's what doctors always think so u waste even more time taking antibiotics. If they send your urine off for analysis and it comes back negative its not a UTi. I was fortunate that at the time I was fast tracked to see a gynae due to bleeding between periods as well as heavy painful periods. My consultant is also a uro gynae so has had the pleasure over the past 18 months of diagnosing IC, endo, fibroids and an enlarged womb. I did end up going private but thankfully with the same consultant, just a different hospital. Cannot imagine how frustrating it must be waiting for NHS appointments.

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