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My meeting with the colo-rectal surgeon - Good news or a step back?

It was a bit of a let down and I'm more confused than ever...

He said upon review they don't think my bowel damage is a bad as they first thought due to the scans being read wrong the first time round...

I feel utterly violated he wasn't gentle at all he inserted a finger so roughly into my anus its still hurting now, my back and my left side are trying to kill me :( my actual hole feels like a train passed through it is SO sore!

I've still got to have a colonoscopy to view the length between the exit and the sigmoid section and he flicked a nodule which is why I think I'm in so much pain now.

I don't understand what's going on now. If my uterus is clear of disease and now their saying my bowel is too how do I have Endometriosis it doesn't make any sense! My PoD is still obliterated and my ovary is still attached to the nodule attached to my bowel but still they haven't been very clear with me and that makes me a bit sad and angry!

He said I'll probably still need a temporary colostomy bag and that again doesn't make sense..if my bowel doesn't need surgery why do I need the bag????

I need to wake up this feels like a bad dream. I'm gonna gave choice words for them in June honestly I can't cope with all of this I just want it to be over now no more operations, no more talking to doctors who play havoc with my life and no more tablets I've had it to my back teeth with it all :(

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Firstly: a great big imagined hug is being sent to you. As it sounds like that's what you need.

It's disgusting that you feel so physically violated, all I can say is to inform him next time that you were extremely hurt by rough way that he conducted his internal. If you still feel that it wasn't handled correctly then maybe complain to PALS. I'm thinking that he may need to prod & poke to feel nodules but equally even with scans, touch etc there's only so much they can tell until they actually open you up & look. That's also probably where the confusion over surgery comes from: they don't know what's there until they look inside. You may need a colostomy bag if they resection your bowel, as they'll still be working on it to remove the ovary attached. He's probably just forewarning you, not stating that it's a definate.

It's all so hard isn't it? We have clear intentions of what we want answered but end up more confused. Mine was about to send me away with pain management as he thought another operation this year was too much. Then he looked at my MRI & decided to transfer me to the main hospital incase of surgery complications...that change of heart was done within a few minutes!?

All I can say if if you don't feel confident in your surgeons skills then get a new one.

In the mean time chick try & do something nice for yourself, even if it's just sitting on the sofa snuggled up watching your favourite film. Lots of hugs to you, hope it gets easier soon xx

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Hi Kelly. Can you email him to get some clarification on bowel? How do they now uterus is clear? Have you had a hysteroscopy and biopsy of uterus?

You will get through this Hun. I've just found out I have 3 bulging discs in my lower spine which is causing damage to nerves. It never ends does it?

We will get there though. I've said this before I think but you're a tough cookie Hun you'll beat this. Take care sweetie.


Hi sounds awful hope the pain is better now. I have contacted PALS and found them really useful. They get things moving and your questions answered. I have also found the endo specialist nurse amazing she has the time to listen and care. She has got me answers. She said that I should have full and frank info.

It sounds confusing the info you have been given. I try to take another person with me to consultations as it is so intimidating. But realise that isn't always possible.

I am waiting to see about bowel surgery. Did they say the colostomy would be temporary? Really hope you get answers and try PALS (patient advice and liaison service). Hope you are feeling better too xxx


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