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Possible endo return 3 months post lap

Hi ladies,

I had my lap around 3 months ago where they found endo scarring in left ovarian fossa, endo in right ovarian fossa and adhesions sticking my stomach to the fat in my abdominal wall and a small cyst on the end of one of my tubes. The adhesions were freed up and the endo removed and after 3-4 weeks recovery I started to feel so much better and began living a pain free life.

The past week the pains have been coming back with avengance starting with pain around my ovaries as the days passed turning into full blown very angry period type pain. The exhaustion seems to have returned and like pre op I've been too worn out to do anything once I've over exerted myself - eg errands in town/ nursery run. I saw my GP yesterday who was quite surprised at how quickly the pain had returned and has prescribed tramadol to help with the pain (for me paracetamol and ibuprofen do nothing and codine sends me loopy). My partner and I will be TTC soon so there wasn't really any other option for me which i had guessed before hand.

All in all feeling very emotional about it all and feeling like I got a bit cocky with myself in being symptom free. This post has been a bit like therapy in a way but I wonder has anyone been in a similar situation? I'm on the pill now, currently on day 10 of my second cycle after accidentally missing my Depo shot in Feb, and at the end of the 3rd cycle there will be no more as we will be trying to conceive, I'm now terrified of coming off the pill as I know that's working at suppressing everything. Due to the Depo I'm only just in the time frame for fertility returning and my partner and I are both very aware this could be a long road ahead of us which will be hard enough emotionally without the added nightmare of the endo and no hormones or treatments to suppress it.

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Was you seen in a bsge centre????


No just in general gynea in hospital, my consultant was absolutely wonderful though I have no reason to feel like I could have had better care. I know the specialists are obviously better but because I was fine and symptom free at my post op clinic appointment he put my back under GP care so I wouldn't even know where to start getting a referral to a bsge centre


Look up a lady called Lindle she has some great posts on how to get refferal,

Unfortunately it's not about how nice he was, my consultant was lovely kind and understanding and listened, I had a lap and removal if endo and a hysterectomy in July for adenomyosis but I'm still in pain, and I'm now under a bsge specialist centre and awaiting another laparoscopy to see if anything was missed, general gyne often miss endo in certain locations, had havnt had the Nessesary training to recognise all forms of endo, xx


I had endo removed 2 years ago but after the op it came back with a vengeance but it's took me this long for Gps to listen to me to get me referred to Sheffield to see ft Baxter (endo specialist) it seems to have come back so much worse , painful painful pelvic pain and extreme exhaustion. Currently applying for a 3 day week job as doing 5 days is becoming extremely difficult as I cannot mentally cope with the tiredness xxx


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