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Why has my period stopped?

Fairly new here so sorry for the essay in advance!

I'm 21 and I've had cronic kidney pains, nausea etc for about 2 years. Recently had CT scans and an ultrasound to rule out anything else as I had a cyst on my ovary which has now gone and turned out to be a functional cyst but my doctor is pretty convinced I have endo. Finally been referred to the Gynae and luckily got an appointment at a BGSE centre in a couple of months.

I had the implanon implant in for 6 years (2 implants) and found it gave me horrendous mood swings, anxiety and changed my personality drastically but until I googled it I didn't realise that it wasn't just 'normal me' it was the implant that was doing it. I've since had it taken out straight away and feel amazing- however something I find strange is that I haven't come on my period like I assumed I would as although the imlant slowed them down and I only got them every so often, I was still getting them and the endo bleeding when I had it in but its been over a month and still nothing.

Also I've been eating really healthily and going on long walks everyday due to new puppy and realised I've been more or less following the endo diet- No wheat, pretty much no dairy and very little red meat and it's been well over a month since I last had any kidney/pelvic pain which is unheard of! I've had the odd niggle and some twinges in my legs which is the norm but I'm just confused! I'm really happy I haven't had the excruciating pain for so long and I'm almost certain it's due to losing a bit of weight and following the endo diet. Just doesn't explain not having a period or any bleeding.

Any thoughts or advice will be very much appreciated- Thank you for listening to me! :)

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