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I had a laproscopy and hysterscopy at the start of Feb and it showed I have Endo. Scarring was removed and the endo they could see was lasered off. However I have been getting pain surrounding my belly button. My GP is referring me back to gyn and looking into BSGE in Edinburgh as that's closest to me.

I am worried as this has happened over the past couple of months and now I have the pain daily but can't understand why. Why do I randomly have pain near my incision? Does anyone else have this? It can wake me up during the night as well.

Confused with what's going on with my body as my symptoms are starting again and now this random new thing.

I'm single as well and the thought of meeting someone and having them close to me just now fills me with dread. I'm very sensitive about my stomach area just now and I've never been like this before. Is this normal?

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Morning! It sounds like it's likely to be scarring from you laparoscopy. One of the tools/camera goes through your belly button. I have had similar pain since lap that i'd never had before but it's only v. occasional and bearable i guess.

Many ppl on here talk about it being best to have laps/surgeries at BSGE centres as the surgeons are more experienced with endo removal etc.

I do think many people that have a laparoscopy get new pain after surgery, the same pain they had before or worse pain!!

Obviously many don't too.

I hope the bsge centre help. You are kinda lucky to get sent there😊



I'm not sure I am going to be sent there, just will be looked into to see if I can go there.

I was great for 6-8 weeks after my lap (once I had recovered from surgery) and now this pain circles a good inch down and around my belly button. I have it on and off the whole day and can be a very sharp pain at times.

This endo is a mindfield.



Hi, I have had 4 surgeries where they go via belly button. I developed pain around there just some 6 months ago. Now after the latest MR scan, doctor told that I have hernia in that area. And that I have to have another operation to fix it. So the best for you is to have MR scan for that area, which could give you some answers. Good luck.

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