Some good news!

Thought I'd let you guys know that I won my appeal for ESA. Just got the letter now. Am so relieved. Its hard enough being ill and not having a proper diagnosis without the stress of having your ESA claim denied because you're not well enough. Its only £70 a week and after bills and food etc there's not exactly a lot left over. But it just means I can keep my head above water, and it takes the stress and pressure off so I can just concentrate on figuring out what is wrong with me. So happy right now :D 

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  • P.S. In your face DWP haha

  • Congratulations, so happy for you! That is a true victory. Wishing you well.

  • Well done, now concentrate on getting the best treatment and better xx

  • Congratulations Larrie7 would you mind telling me how long the whole process took? I have been struggling at work for awhile now but fear leaving due to worrying about money and what issues I may face. I have my laparoscopy next month and am considering leaving work as my job is so active I cannot imagine returning afterwards and being able to run around as I used to. I'm currently taking tramadol every day due to the pain and struggle to keep up with my busy job. Thanks in advance for your help xx

  • Hi Eve. The process is quite lengthy but I applied for ESA in October last year. I was on the pre-assessment rate of £70 a week before my assessment which ended up being in January.(it usually takes about 13 weeks until you have your assessment) . A few days after the assessment they decided I was fit to work. I was pretty angry about that so I appealed and had to do something called a mandatory decision. They decided the decision was right so then I had to go through the formal appeal process. While you're waiting for the appeal you can still get the £70 a week. Now I've won my appeal I should go on the higher rate which is about £105 a week.  

  • Thanks @Larrie7 that was really helpful. Good luck for the future x

  • Happy days! I'm so happy for you Larrie. Finally, you can relax now and concentrate on your health. There is nothing worse than worrying about money while you have other things going on. Congratulations! x

  • Thanks Soph :) I feel like I took it to the Government and I won. haha. Had a pretty rubbish last 2 months with pain etc and this has massively cheered me up. I think whenever I'm having a bad day I will read the letter again and remind myself that even at my lowest I refused to be beaten down. 

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