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Endo and early menopause

Hello all,

I have had two operations to remove the endo and have been recovering very nicely. My periods took a while to restart and since then I have had irregular periods with hot flushes and lots of sleepless nights.

I am 39 and am wondering if the hot flushes and irregular periods are symptoms of early menopause........ Maybe I am reading too much into this and it's actually my body readjusting after the operations. Have any of you had similar symptoms after your operations?

I look forward to your replies


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Hi Gingerblah - like you, I've had two operations to remove endo including (both times) to also drain/excise an endometrioma on my right ovary. My consultant this time around (a million times better than the one I had previously) went through possible side effects with me including irregular periods, pain at surgery site, trouble sleeping, tiredness etc. Much of these initially were to do with the general anaesthetic but I honestly found it took me a good 3-4 months to really start to see things settle down properly. I found I got particularly hot at night and would often wake up with the duvet completely thrown off! You don't say how long it's been since your last operation? Just bear in mind that although on the outside and in your general wellbeing you might be feeling/looking tip-top, your insides will still be working hard to heal things and get back to a more level playing field. If you feel you've given it long enough however and things still don't seem normal for you, then I would definitely recommend going back to your GP or getting in touch with your consultant.


Hello this is me! 

Thank you for your reply! My last lap was September so nearly 8 months ago. My periods were pretty erratic before the lap and seemed to go back to a monthly period for 3 months and then nothing! I have had other issues (bladder) and these have all improved especially after the 6 month mark. The consultant did say that it would be a year before I would know for definite how my body will be. I have arranged to visit my GP and will ask for further tests .

Kind regards



Hi Ann - my last op was mid-October so not long after you! I'm still experiencing bladder issues on and off but have just come to accept that this is the new normal for me. If you have genuine concerns that you may be going through early menopause or entering the perimenopausal stage don't be scared to ask your GP for blood tests to confirm your hormone levels. I know of others who've done this although I'm aware that some doctors (mine included) like you to keep a record of your periods before they carry out any tests just to see how erratic things really are. I've kept track of mine for the last 10+ years in a little pocket diary I keep in my handbag and it's proved very helpful. I really hope you get the help you need and can get a better idea of what's going on - in my experience it's fear of the unknown that's often the worst thing!


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