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Endometriosis depression and anxiety link?

Hey guys, I'm new here. Signed to hopefully gain some new insight.

 I'm 26, I was diagnosed at 18 in 2008 with endometriosis. At the time I think I was too young to understand the full gist of what was going on. My doctor and gynaecologist weren't the best at explain what on earth this illness was. 

I had a lapraoscopy in March 2008 and was told I may need follow up in years to come. My symptoms faded thankfully and I am currently on the pill to control my periods. I've often had to change my pill as different hormones would have so many side effects on me. Until the surgery I was completely debilitated when on my period, sick vomiting, in agony and I was so moody! In the years after it was so much better. The pill aside from side effects has saved my life!  I've recently been diagnosed with gastiritis and IBS. I've also been really depressed recently, I go through period of depression but nothing as deep as this, I'm anxious all the time and everything feels so overwhelming. My periods in the last few months are more painful and heavy than they've been in years.  Could it be the endometriosis is causing all these stomach problems, anxiety and depression? I really don't know as again I was young and didn't have much explained to me other than what I looked up myself on forums such as this.

I do apologise if this sounds very all over the place I'm trying to cut a long story into short basic details. Any info or advice would be great. 


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Hi, 18 is young to understand this awful desease, and unfortunately it sounds like you didn't get much help understanding it by the professional, 

IBS type symtons and depression go hand in hand with endo, and many ladies are misdiagnosed with ibs 

There are specialists centres called bsge approved, and the surgeons at these centres are much more qualified in endo than general gynes, look up bsge centres online and find one near you, go to you gp and ask to be reffered to one, we have the right to be seen by a specialist of our choice, under the nhs guild line s,

Good luck and if you have any questions fire away as someone on here will be happy to answer, xxx


Hi. I haven't been diagnosed with endometriosis but my GP suspects I have it so I'm seeing a specialist in a few weeks. I got diagnosed with IBS 3 years ago and despite trying every medication and diet going nothing worked. In the end they concluded it was all caused by anxiety. (which I'm not sure about) . But IBS does seem a really common diganosis where they basically don;t know what is going on just go oh you've got IBS. As Tboag said many women with endo are misdiagnosed as having IBS.  Also the data shows that much more women are diagnosed with IBS than men....

Also at the same time I had IBS I was also diagnosed with gastritis too. Even had an endoscopy where they looked into my stomach but didn't find anything. They've never found anything at all.  All your symptoms could be linked to endo so I would defo look into it. Tboags advice is brilliant so I'd follow that :)  



   Please get some support for your anxiety and depression. I had a period of low mood and really significant anxiety after I was diagnosed with endo stage 4 last year. I couldn't function and got help from my Gp and a counsellor. Totally agree get seen at a BSGE centre with an endo specialist. 

                         Take care xxx


Hey guys thanks for all responses they have been great.. Unfortunately I'm in Ireland not the UK as I couldn't find any helpful sites here to talk like this! And I'm not sure what our health system here provides.. I'm booked in to start counselling tomorrow night, so I really hope that goes ok, as it turns my GP is on holidays til the end of the month so I'm booked in to see another doctor next Tuesday.. So I'm really going to ask both who can I be referred to because I really want to be taken seriously. This is affecting my life and my relationship at the moment I just want to be me! I've had the endoscopy done twice they did find inflammation on my stomach lining but as for all the IBS I really haven't been so sure. The stomach upset the pain it's all similar to the endo. My period I think is starting so my moods and irritability along with pain are sky high today.. Trial and error I guess.. Thanks again for all answers it's been so helpful 


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