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Coping with Endo pain and looking after a baby?

Hi guys, I had my beautiful little girl 19 weeks ago and my endo is just starting to ramp up again :( I've been on cerezette but so far it's not been successful in knocking out my periods which is a shame as it worked for me when I was younger. I've been on most contraceptives over the years and nothing has really worked so now waiting to be referred back to my gynae. My pain today is starting to get quite uncomfortable and I would normally end up on tramadol and heat packs but the strongest tablets I will be able to take is paracetamol. I've tried the endo diet in the past and a tens machine with not much success in this reducing the pain, can anyone suggest any other alternative pain relief? 

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Hello, and congratulations on the birth of your baby, 

My advice would be to make sure you are under a bsge specialist centre, and not a general gyne, 

Naproxen is good, along with paracetamol, 

Good luck


Thank you :) there's no centres near to me at the moment and getting to them is difficult so I'm giving the specialist I was under before I was pregnant another go as only met her twice (a consultation and to do my surgery) so hoping she can help. I've found using mefenamic acid and paracetamol has helped take the edge off and as the little one has been ill as well luckily I've managed to get some sleep in when she does. Sorry for the late reply I've not managed to get onto the forum whilst we've been feeling poorly x


Hi, l can't offer any advice but l am in the same position as you, my son is 19 weeks. I tried to start the endo diet and my mum bought me the book but lm still breastfeeding (which l was told would help and in fairness l believe it probably has to a certain extent as l haven't really had a proper period yet) and my son was reacting to something, whether it was the acidic fruits like pineapple or the live yoghurt, we couldn't work it out. 

If you do find anything that works, let me know! Congratulations also! X


Aw congratulations! Poor little solider, such a shame he has reacted to something. I'm wondering about whether to try the diet again but so far I've managed with mefenamic acid and paracetamol I'm just concerned if it keeps ramping up that it won't be enough in the long run. Thank you for replying, sometimes if helps knowing you're not the only one in this position x

(Sorry for the late reply between me and the little one being poorly I've not managed to get back on the forum)


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