Awaiting diagnosis - wanting excision

Hi everyone. Long time lurker/ newbie here. I have my pre-op next week for a diagnostic laparoscopy. Although undiagnosed, I am almost certain I have endo, having painful periods/ ovulation, brown spotting often for the entire second half of my cycle, major digestive issues (diarrhea/ acid reflux etc), very occasional rectal pain, fatigue, acne, almost constant bloating and general abdominal/ pelvic pain. I will add that my sister has suspected endo, but they cancelled her surgery on the basis that her symptoms have vastly improved without any intervention. I have had an ultrasound/ smear and both were clear. Doctors have repeatedly told me all symptoms are a result of stress/ anxiety... the irony being I'm stressed and anxious because of my symptoms. 

I am feeling a bit daunted by the thought of my diagnostic lapo, not because I am afraid of the surgery/ aftermath, but my hospital will only treat any they find with diathermy, and I've heard terrible stories about this worsening the condition and creating more adhesions. I have read many positive stories of excision, and am really keen to pursue this, if I am able to. Given that my pre-op is next week, how do I go about asking for a referral to a BSGE Centre? My nearest one appears to be in Worcester, I am just unsure of the process, and if there is even any guarantee that excision will be offered?

I appreciate any advice. Thanks. 

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  • Hello, I am at the same stage as you, awaiting a diagnosis. Is your lap being done by General gynae or at an endo centre? I am awaiting my diagnostic laparoscopy with general gynaecology at my local hospital and if they find severe endo they will refer me to the BSGE centre then 

  • Thanks for your reply. My lap is being done by general gynae at my local hospital - but they've said if they find any endo during it they will burn it off, so although I want to go ahead with the diagnostic lapo so I can finally get an answer about what I have, I don't know how I feel about them using diathermy, if that makes sense. Good luck with yours :) 

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