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Swelling Caused By Inflammation

Sorry for the lengthy post....

I need to ask whether I really am the only one (the Drs have never seen it before).  In March I started having HRT injections to help control my endo.  My cycle came around this week and was it's usual agony.  As I got out of the shower on Wednesday I noticed that my pubic area was really rounded.  I am a large woman (size 18 - but losing weight) but I was certain this wasn't like normal.  I tried to tell myself I had imagined it but throughout the day at work it appeared to be getting bigger.  When I got back I showed my husband who agreed it wasn't 'normal'.  It was also very soft and felt like fluid.

I managed to get an emergency DR appointment and she thought I had a hernia though thought it was too soft.    By the time I saw the DR it was the size of a galia melon.

I was then sent to hospital yesterday.  After tests and scans etc anything really serious (drs words not mine) was ruled out.  They told me that they believe that the swelling has been caused by inflammation from my endo episode.

I am taking anti inflammatories and as my pain is reducing so is the swelling. 

I have never experienced this before, and worse still am not entirely happy with the lack of advice I had about it - I was simply told that I should 'monitor' it!  It was me that suggested regular ibuprofen to help!

Have any of you experienced this or have any advice for me please?

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