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Heart palpitations and skipping beats caused by hormones?

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For the past 3 days I have been experiencing really bad heart palpitations so bad that I can almost feel it in my throat. It feels like my heart is about to jump out of my chest. It worsens towards the end of the day/at night time and reaches about 120 bpm sometimes even when I am resting. I can also feel my heart skipping beats every few seconds too and it is a really odd sensation when this happens. My chest also feels quite heavy. This has been ongoing for the past 3 days and I'm quite concerned now. I don't know if it is because of my Evra patch (contraceptive patch), could it be the hormones and should I look into switching to the pill? or is it a symptom of endo?

Would be a shame if I had to come off the patch because I think it does really help my endo symptoms to an extent. I'm seriously scared this has never happened before. Has anyone else experienced this and do you know how I can sort it out?

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I had the same and found out I had mitral valve regurgitation - basically it's very minor for me but the blood sometimes flows back rather than moving forward through the chambers of the heart - it's like a small leakage of blood but nothing to worry about and is very common. I'd make an appointment with your GP whenever you can and mention that it concerns you. Ask to have a scan of your heart too.

This is the link on the NHS website: nhs.uk/conditions/mitral-va...

Thank you, how did they find out you have it and what were your symptoms? I’ve had a scan of my heart recently and they said it looks fine. They fitted me in for a tilt test but cancelled due to coronavirus. I could make an appointment with my gp but I don’t think it would go anywhere as everything is closed and being cancelled now because of covid :(

Yeah with COVID everything is cancelled :( I complained of shortness of breath and heart palpations and because of my history they referred me for a heart scan.

Could it be anxiety over COVID? If it's just started think about what's been happening. I'd look up the side affects of the patch or tablets you're on just incase.

I’ve looked up the side effects and no palpitations are mentioned however I was looking at reviews and saw a few people complain of palpitations. I know the side effects include anxiety or worsening anxiety, so perhaps it is that. But last night I was quite calm and all of a sudden I had palpitations again and skipped beats. This morning I also woke up with the same. I am quite nervous about covid and staying indoors definitely isn’t helping as I used to rely on going out and seeing friends regularly to take my mind off endo etc for a while and now I’m stuck at home with my own thoughts.

Try going out for a walk if you have a backgarden or just standing at your door or window. Try and find words to describe your palpations too - mine are like flutters. This may help your GP if you can go. Definitely feel you. Staying at home for a while can make anyone go through a mixture of emotions - genuinely feel like I'm going insane.

I’ll try that, thank you. Yep definitely feels like I’m going insane too haha

I have had it but I’d say as yours is recent have you been anxious at all?ask your g.p for a heart tape I think mine is endo related and am having blood tests for my thyroid x

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I’ve always had a slightly higher heart rate but it has never bothered me this much. I can literally feel every beat. When it got worse last night I wasn’t feeling super anxious about anything but I have been worrying about covid etc I suppose. I’ve had a heart tape lots of times in the past and they insist that everything is normal. Even had an 48 hour ECG etc because I was complaining of palpitations and fast heart rate. However it seems to have worsened now

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I’m so sorry about that could you ask for a referral to a specialist to look into it more that’s what they said would be my next step and have you had blood tests.i notice mine fluctuates depending where I am in my cycle x

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Yeah I will have to see what happens with corona as a lot of appointments are now online or being cancelled making it a lot trickier to get seen :(

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I know x

Yes! Did you ever have testing done?I had it really bad. I had hysterectomy and excision stage 4 endo and it improved. Recently my heart started doing it really bad again snd just found out my endo is back I’m convinced it is related.

I had a lap with a endo specialist but no endo was found. Adhesions under bellybutton but that is it. Still in pain unfortunately :(

I’m sorry to hear that! Dont I’ve up! If you have adhesions you definitely have something going on in there like cysts rupturing frequently, possibly. They believe that is what caused most of my adhesions. I hope you find answers also.

Hi I’ve suffered with palpitations like you describe for many years I have been under a cardiologist & had every test going which always showed up no irregularities , I am convinced that it is related to endometriosis, I was diagnosed with endo in 2019 & have realised to me this seems as if this is the cause . It is worse for me when my body is tired ( which I’ve read that endo can cause fatigue, & palpitations are a symptom of fatigue syndrome so that is where I think the connection is )

May be worth getting checked out if you are worried though as these are a new symptom for you. X

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