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Endo diagnosed

I am very confused. I went to the dr to find out my scan results due to really bad pains in my right side. The dr read my notes and said the scan results has shown up that you have endo in your right ovary. He wants to emergancy refer me to a specialist who deals with endo. I have read up more information on endo to come accross : 

Endometriosis can only be confirmed with a surgical examination called a laparoscopy. This is carried out under general anaesthetic. I'm now confused what the dr and the scan results say because I haven't had a lap

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Endo can in some cases show up on a scan, but if nothing shows up on a scan that is non conclusive, look up on the bsge list on line,  and see if your gp has referred you to a specialist on the bsge list, if she hasn't go back and ask for one, x


I am just waiting for a referral letter to come through 


Yes, endometriomas show up on ultrasound but will usually indicate endo elsewhere that can then be identified at a lap. Please note that many gynaecologists consider themselves experts in endo but as you are in England you can choose to see whoever you want. Have a look at my posts on the treatment pathway, how to find a specialist centre and on the diagnostic lap. 


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