Soooo another bad post! (Sorry for rant again)

Had a letter through today from the hospital (after my terrible appointment Wednesday, read last post) saying my next follow up appointment will be 8th August!!!?!?!!! So im waiting 6 months for a post op appointment, for them to tell me what they actually found during surgery and what my treatment will be! 

Monday morning I will be ringing my GP for a referral to my local bsge centre! Upset, fed up, angry 😔

Ellis xx

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  • Oh no how annoying such a long wait they don't realise  everything on hold while we all waiting all the time month after month 😡😡😡😡 . hopefully when you get referral to bsge center you'll get some proper advice and treatment. It just so difficult researching everything ourselves and having to push all the time to get anywhere. It's hard enough being ill without the mental stress of appointment getting and researching. Also all the time it uses up and headspace 😡😡😡😡😡Hope you sLeep ok and have a pain free weekend. 💗💗💗💗

  • This happened to me too Hun. I had to fight tooth and nail and it took 6 months to find out what they'd done with my body. It's so frustrating. And it's still not sorted X X X 

  • Same,they dont rush im afraid.

    Ask for an mri scan before you have lap. As i waited,they opened me up. Closed me up. Removed nothing said its bad. Sent me for an mri. Now im waiting again :(

  • I've had my lap, I had it in February .. This is my follow up appointment, they cancelled me, I had a terrible appointment didn't even see my gyne so I complained and they said they'd send me back in ASAP, but gotta wait til August 😔 Fed up of them keeping us waiting all the time 😔 X

  • Defo go to your GP for a referral. Also ask them if they've had any results from the op.

    I'd also call the place that you had it and find out who the secretary is and ask for an earlier appointment. If they don't have any, ask what their cancelled appointments procedure is- a list or you calling up weekly? They soon find you a new slot if you call them all the time :-) annoying and you shouldn't have to do it!

  • I completely understand why you are upset you wait ages for the appointment then it is rubbish no help whatsoever then you ask for some help and they say take painkillers and I'll send you a follow up letter. Er excuse me follow up to what exactly. This happens to so many of us it needs to stop. Go to you gp on Monday and say enough is enough ask for someone else. This is your life they are messing around with.  Take care and good luck.x

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