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Pre-assessment coming up

Hi ladies,

I was put on the waiting list for a multidisciplinary laparotomy a year ago for removal of Endo and a focal adenomyoma.

I have just received my letter asking me to come to preassessment in a weeks time. Ordinarily I'd be delighted to have finally made it to the top of the list. However I am 31 wks pregnant, which presumably means the preassessment would be null and void and surgery impossible really. . . 

When I fell pregnant my Endo consultant said to take myself off the list and go back on for review with him post pregnancy. Then obstetrician advised I stay on list as she anticipated Endo would come back post preg so better to have the surgery booked even if close after birth.

Pregnancy has been really good to me so I don't know whether I've been lulled into a false sense of security with Endo being calmer. I'm hoping breast feeding will prolong the effects and periods will stay away for a while. I don't really feel I'd cope very well recovering from major surgery with a newborn, besides which if the Endo has receded somewhat will there actually be much for them to do anymore?! 

At the moment I am thinking cancel the preassessment and go on for review which means I might see my consultant in spring of next year! The fear in the back of my mind is if the Endo does come back strongly and adeno continues to be an issue, with the state of the waiting lists the next chance at surgery I get could be 2018 and would mean a long time suffering.

Anyone been in a similar situation, any thoughts? X

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Hi!  I can't comment on this as I don't know enough about it, but I read some of your earlier posts and it's great to read that you are now pregnant despite stage 4 endo (which I have just been diagnosed with).  Gives me hope!!!


Got it all sorted out, the lady at appointments suspended it until September so I'll be able to see how I am after baby's born before deciding to go ahead or not :-) thanks for reply, just reading your post now xx


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