Recovery after lap?? I'm freaking out slightly !!!!!!

I've so much going on this summer and to be told yesterday that I need urgent surgery is really putting a spanner in the works ! I'm being evicted from my home of 8 years cos the landlord wants it back. My husband is running across Iceland for charity in Aug and my eldest son who is autistic is starting high school in sept . I need to recover and be able to drive ASAP after this laparoscopy. Any advice please girls 

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No not really, unfortunately your body will need as long as it needs, and to rush recovery could make your worse for longer, eat well drink lots, and small walks, increasing as and when you can, good luck, 

The recovery time will depend on how severe the endo is I guess , my daughter had mild endo and adhesions and she was able to drive 3 days later but I would not advise any heavy lifting  for about 6 weeks  even then only light things .  It can take several days for the gas to leave the body you can get deferred pain in the shoulder and under the rib cage . Good luck with it all xx

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