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What a day!

Well, I got up this morning, pick up my phone and start scrolling through fb. Same usual nonsense and my MOTHER of all people really frikkin annoyed me, I couldn't help but feel like I was the butt of the joke :( I know it wasn't personal and she probably just didn't think, that old saying out of sight out of mind! 

Let me tell you what she did and what I said and let me know if I need to apologise coz my judgement is clouded I feel SHE is the one who needs to say sorry...

She found a quiz online, it was basically an April fools quiz. She'd used my sisters name. It said N** is pregnant with twins, it had a positive pregnancy test and a scan pic showing 2 sacs. 

I commented and tagged my sister as I said if she was pregnant I would not expect to find out on fb tbh why would my infertility be a problem for you? You still have N** to give you grandchildren sod the battle I face daily given my current situation! She replied hahaha its a quiz I used her name so I asked why are you laughing? I'm being serious.

She deleted it but hasn't even said like I didn't think, I didn't mean to upset you, she's said nothing...

I did also say when I text my auntie poison patty twisting worse since 196something but that was in frustration and I know I'm safe lol she defo won't hear that.

Honestly I'm SO angry with her right now and very sad about it, like tearful, I just want to cry the more I think about it the more I'm hurting, my pain is definitely triggered by my emotional state :( xx

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Don't work yourself up about it .tbh this is Facebook all over isn't it .sometimes people post stuff people who you actually know and you think hmm is that a dig at me ? Then it causes an argument then people get involved then it's all a bloody mess ..if you think you don't need to apologise then don't ..stand by what you said and feel ..don't sweat it too much .


Hi Kelly sometimes our parents  say and do things without really thinking it through on how it might effect us. I honestly believe they don't intend to hurt us. 

I don't think you need to apologise as once she's had time to think about she will understand why you're upset.

I've lost count the amount of times my dad has turned round and said I'm lucky not to of had children. 

I know he's only trying to look on the bright side in the fact that  I haven't got those ties , but it does hurt. I've learnt to just let it go.

Take care sweetie.


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