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Is this what a flare up is?

Hi...ive got endo which i known from having 2 laps the most recent last june which found endo on one ovary, in hips, back, bowel, liver and diaphraghm.

Normally i get horrific period pain which is my worst symptom butlately ive been getting bad bloating too so a couple of weeks ago i decided to go dairy and gluten free like 80% of the time. I went out for a family meal on sunday and had a naughty cheat day and felt horrendous since.

Awful bloating  (i look pregnant), nausea and im so tired despite getting plenty of sleep and random sharp abdominal pains (its not time of month yet)

My question is, could this be endo related or am i overthinking it?


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It could be. The inflammation caused by the endo can produce a lot of pressure on your bowels and stomach. Trying gluten/dairy free is a good start. You will find that certain foods cause more inflammation than others. The bloating can be very uncomfortable and can take a while to recede. 


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