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Pain advice!

Hi ladies, 

I'm new here and I am currently being referred to gynae for endo although my doctor is pretty certain that is what is causing my pain. At the moment I'm in constant pain that will not budge with medication, hot water bottles or hot baths. I'm feeling like I can't cope with the pain and spend most of the day crying, feeling faint and nauseous. I'm not sure where else to turn, does anyone know of anything that could help with the pain? I have a continuous aching/bruised feeling across my pelvis combined with cramps and bloating. 

Thank you 


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What pain killers are you on, ??


Just Ibuprofen and paracetamol but even with the maximum doseage I'm still in pain. 


Go back to your GP, they may be able to give you something stronger. Or the pharmacy. Paracetamol and ibuprofen alone wouldn't touch my pain. You shouldn't have to suffer. Get an appointment booked. Also try a hot water bottle or heat pads. 

Hope you feel better soon xx


Thank you! :)


Hi- I'm in pretty much the same situation. Doctor is pretty certain it's endo that's causing all my pain and other symptoms. CT scan revealed cysts on my ovaries and have an ultrasound on Thursday to see what kind they are and how many etc. Then I'll be referred to gynaecologist for my lap to diagnose the endo. I found nothing helped my pain until my doctor prescribed me Naproxen. It doesn't fix it completely but it definitely make the horrendous episodes where I can't even stand- just about bareable. I would ask your doctor to see if you could try it. Hope you find something that helps :)


Thank you! I'll give her a ring asap! 

Good luck with your ultrasound! X


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