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Working from home ideas?


I am into my 4th month on prostap which is helping a lot with the endo pain but am still having quite a bit of time off work for other symptoms/side effects and I am now considering if it is worth looking to reduce hours/change jobs. I enjoy my job but have found it harder and more stressful the last year due to increased health problems and new management. There is a proper occupational health dept there who have been helpful but my managers are very reluctant to allow me to work from home more than once a week and there are a lot of changes going on which I don't think is going to make my role any easier. I have had the last week off sick and it has given me a lot of time to think about trying to set up to work from home, maybe self-employed/freelance so I really can be flexible, but I'm not sure where to start or what would be the best type of work to do. I have read a few times on here that people work for themselves or from home and wonder if anyone can offer advice? I am thinking it might be best to see if I can reduce to 3 days at work and then have 2 days a week to start getting something else sorted for a while. I don't think I could just quit as having looked into benefits available I couldn't cover the bills/mortgage without any work. Sorry for the long ramble, feeling really unsure what to do next! Any advice is helpful :)

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Beauty seems to be a good thing to do from home, obviously would need training for but I know a few ladies that have done it and now work from home. Massage, hair removal, nails all sorts really and it's something that once yo build a regular client base can be quite the money maker 😊


Chin up keep trying


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