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Working with endo

Hi all, just a quick one about how people are managing at work. I have a fairly active job and I work shifts. Work are aware what I am going through but as I am still waiting for a diagnosis I'm not sure if I am able to make any changes to help me during my working day. Ideally I would like to stop working late shifts as I get worse pain in the evening, also I have to do a lot of bending which makes the pain worse so reducing this would be good. but does anyone know if I need a doctors note for this or whether I can just ask my employer? I'm concerned if I have to ask my gp they will fob me off because I am being seen by a gynaecologist but Im not seeing him for another 2 months and I can't carry on the way I'm going. Thanks in advance for any advice x

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I would be keen if anyone has advice on this subject, as well. What happens when you aren't able to guarantee your employer that you can carry out your work duties from one day, or even one hour, to the next? I'm beginning to worry about my job security.


I'm lucky in that I work for the NHS so I was able to be referred to occupational health, you can be assessed by a doctor who will report back to your employer to advise of reasonable adjustments that can be made. I'd try and do some further research as one company I worked for were able to refer me even tho they didn't have their own department in house xxx


Thank you. I'm sure we have occupational health at work, I think I've heard it be discussed for other colleagues. Maybe we outsource it I'm not sure. I'm going to go to my gp anyway for stronger painkillers and I will mention to him what I would like from my employer and see of he has any advice. I will keep the post updated x

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Hi, fingers crossed for some sort of Occupational Health at your workplace, and that the doctor will prescribe some stronger pain meds for you, maybe worth having a very open conversation with your employer, letting them know what you are going through and if there are any options to change around your shifts a little?, there might be a surprise and maybe an option will fall into place that is more suited to you?

Good luck :)


Hi, I received a letter from my gynae because I couldn't sit properly from pain and the op I had. I went thru a lot but got a chair. Make this serious as some employer's doesn't understand what we're going thru.


Hi, I have had terrible trouble with work. I actually lost my last job as they said they couldn't accommodate me anymore due to having endo. I fought it and had a settlement but some employers just don't understand the condition and symptoms. I'm now in another job and I am in my 5th week of sick leave (all signed by the GP) and I'm worried about what will happen on my return. I checked with a local union and they have said that when you need to make adjustments at work due to ill health it covered under 'reasonable adjustments' this can be arranged between you and your employer or you could get your GP or Gynae to confirm the changes need to be made. You absolutely should be having adjustments made at work if it means you are comfortable and able to work rathe than having to take time off. You can also request a work station assessment from your employer which they have to provide to see what they can do, for example I will be getting a new. Hair as my last one was not very supportive and out a lot of pressure on my lower abdomen. I hope this helps xxx


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