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Personal space issues

What's the deal with people wanting to hug or be very close to me?? NOOOOO I don't invade your space!! 

These last few months I've noticed I'm getting a bit put out if people touch me, the last few weeks I've been actively avoiding ALL direct physical contact unless its on MY terms, when I choose! 

My close relative insists on hugging me TIGHT every week when I see them and every week I tell myself next time I'll say something, but it doesn't feel that straight forward and so I never do. 

I don't want to upset this person but its getting too much now, its making me anxious before they even get here, I'm dreading the visit every single week...


What do I say?

Is this normal? 

Do any of you feel like physical contact is a big no-no?

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I the same need a t shirt saying I don't hug 😂😂😂 all my friend know this now so it normally not too bad 

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