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Endometriosis for 20yrs

Iv had several ops..last march 2015. I have another flare. Prev had partial bowel resections and adhesions removed. I had it on my bladder, rectum, bowel and several other things. About to seek another review as pain and cramps are bad. Spotting and when you dont get periods cos of mirena- its not fun. I had hormones via blood tests checked and they seem low. 

DHEA-S-  =  1.26 L

hFSH        =  2.6

hLH          =  2.7

Oestridiol=  118

SHBG       =  16L

I dont know what phase im in but at either phase (for FSH AND LH) my numbers seem.super low.  The last op states they.did some extra ovarian cyst work (bursting and holes i think it was). Never been diagnosed PCOS. But im wondering if case now..esp with hormones ans this new report.  What other things can i ask the gynae when see him?  Im exhausted. No libido. I have secondary adrenal insufficiency so its all inpacting me. Im shattered physically. Im gaining weight from steroids.im over it all.

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