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Hi girls, I'm just wondering about how hard it is to conceive when you are living with endo. I'm not long married and right now kids aren't on my plan at all but I feel when I ask questions about what happens now if I can't conceive, or if there's treatment what is the treatment? - all my questions seem to be brushed aside. I would rather just know so that if I can't have any or if it's extremely difficult I can start trying to put a plan together e.g freezing eggs. Also of you come off the continous pill which seems to be helping me with cramp how sore would it get again if I did conceive- would it make the endo worse? 

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my story is not a positive one I'm afraid but I have found it very hard to try and conceive with endo. I have been trying for 3 years with no success. I have had a failed IVF and failed frozen embryo transfer also. I had a lap to remove endo 3 months ago which should improve my chances but no success so far. I hope you have a better experience but I would delay children too long, I wish I didn't.


So sorry to hear that. I hope everything works out now that they have removed the endo. I'm only 25 but it's definitely made me start thinking more about children. It took my mum 7 years to have me- and she couldn't naturally so I was a fertility baby- so that's made me think more as well. Thanks for your reply xxx


Hi Gail, your chances of conceiving naturally will depend on a lot of factors. The location and severity of your endo, how successfully it has been treated and the overall health and well being of both you and your husband. If your endo is worsening or when you are ready to try, you may need another lap to increase your chances.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 at the age of 31 and at the time was newly engaged. We knew we wanted children but weren't ready at that time, we wanted to get married first and try and get our heads around my diagnosis. Considering my age aswell, (charming!) we were told we shouldn't wait too long though so l went on hormone treatment (provera) for 6 months to stop my periods following my lap. Fortunately my endo was not effecting my reproductive organs at this time. After the 6 months, we did start trying and l conceived after 3 but suffered a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. I had been told that my surgery and treatment had been 'recharging my fertility computer' . We tried again whilst hating every pregnant/baby holding person in sight and fortunately conceived again in 3 months. I carried to 37 weeks, not an easy pregnancy but made the birth quite easy due to being used to that kind of pain! l'm currently nursing my 4 month old, age 34 with stage 4 endo so it can happen. Yes, l was fortunate but don't rush into something your not ready for, try talking to a consultant again to find out more information on your case-we are all different. Hope this helps xx


Thank you so  much for replying, I know it couldn't have been easy for you but that fantastic news you and your husband now have a baby!! I'm not ready at all for children- my and my husband love kids but at the minute we enjoy our holidays and our freedom if I'm honest. I just felt when people are saying it might be harder to have children your mind automatically races. We don't want to start trying now just because of a diagnosis. Plus I'm only at the early stages of things. I know it's not the worst thing in the world I could have been diagnosed with but it feels that way sometimes. Thanks for getting back to me xxx 


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