Scar Tissue?

Hi all, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries over 18 months ago and started getting severe pelvic pain in January 2015. I have been told after a smear test that I also have a tilted womb. After many doctors telling me they think I had endometrosis, I finally got a lap done January this year. My results of my lap were that I don't have endometriosis but I had scar tissue connecting my abdomen and colon. They told me everywhere else looks fine and even my cysts had gone (which means the pill must be working). I have never had surgery prior to this operation. I am left very confused because I have recently started to get pains again. Since my operation, I have been to visit my GP who told me he thinks I still have endometrosis because scar tissue has to develop from somewhere. Just wish I would stop being messed about and doctors would give me definitive answers. Has anyone had a similar problem? Can a tilted womb cause general pelvic pain? Can scar tissue develop from nothing?

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  • Hi Elle, you can be born with a tilted womb but it can also be caused by endo. Did you have your lap with a general gynaecologist?

  • Yes I had my lap with a consultant gynaecologist. He told me there was no signs of endometrosis, just scar tissue but I have never had surgery prior to this operation. I am just worried because I am 25 and not in a time of my life to try for a baby. I am terrified I wont be able to have children and feel so rushed to settle down.

  • Hi Elle have a look on the BSGE website for a specialist centre near you and ask GP for referral to them. General gynaecologists are notorious for either missing endo or not recognising all presentations of it. Good luck.

  • Hi, did you have your laparoscopy with a general gyne, or at a bsge centre, if with gyne they do tend to miss endo,  I would suggest you get. A refferal to a Specialist at a bsge centre,  a tilted womb is common with endo, and yes the adhesions have to have cone from something either an accident, previous op or endo, good luck x

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